2 Tesla T Logo Puddle Light for Model S


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Tesla T Logo Puddle Light Feature:

  • This DIY kit provides your puddle lights an immediate face lift. Opening your door will reveal the cherished “T” logo projected on to the ground. The full effect of the LED projection is experienced at night.
  • Direct replacement – Easy to fit yourself
  • Fully compatible – No error or warning on the dashboard to ensure that the new lights are fully compatible with your Tesla.
  • Super bright – The brightest LED puddle lights available on the market. Best viewed at night time.
  • High-quality LED – Quality projection film for clarity and longevity ensuring years of use.
  • Completely plug and play – Just pop the existing puddle lights out and plug these in.
  • The super bright LED projector shines light through a lens with your car badge straight onto the ground, illuminating the area around you and your car doors.

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