Tesla Model Y Trunk Mat, All Weather Rear Cargo Liner

$100.00 $39.99

Option 1: $ 39.99 –   1 Piece, (Front Trunk Mat Only)

Option 2: $ 79.99 –   1 Piece (Rear Trunk Mat Only)

Option 3: $ 39.99 –   1 Piece, (Rear Trunk Well Mat Only)

Option 4: $149.99 – 3 Pieces, Full Set

  • Custom fit in the Model Y trunk and frunk – designed to fit the frunk and trunk of Model Y
  • Keep your Model Y trunk clean and new – Fully cover Model 3 carpet trunk floor with three-dimensional designs and raised edges
  • Get your stuff held firmly in the trunk – Anti-skid surface and backing holds your stuff well and keeps the mat in place
  • Safe to you and your family or your dog – No strange odor, 100% recyclable, and free of cadmium, lead, latex, and PVC.
  • Super easy to install and clean – Clean with a water hose within minutes
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Tesla Model Y Truck Mats Overview

Tesla Model Yall-weather Cargo Mats are made from TPE for extreme-duty floor protection. 100% recyclable and free of cadmium, lead, latex and PVC. Cargo Mats protects your Model Y interior and cargo with style, safety, and comfort.

The premium all-weather Cargo Mats have an anti-slip design and they will keep in place and hold your grocery well. Based on three-dimensional designs, Tesla Model Y Cargo Mats are measured to fit the exact interiors and cargo of your Model Y with raised edges that give maximum coverage & protection to the Model Y.


Made of environmentally friendly materials, the all-weather Model Y Cargo Mats have no strange odor. They are super easy to use, remove and clean.


Model Y Cargo Mats Package Content:

Option 1: $ 39.99 –   1 Piece, (Front Trunk Mat Only)

Option 2: $ 79.99 –   1 Piece (Rear Trunk Mat Only)

Option 3: $ 39.99 –   1 Piece, (Rear Trunk Well Mat Only)


Tesla Model Y Frunk&Trunk Mats FAQ 

Q: Does  Model Y Cargo Mats fit a 2020 Model Y?

A: Yes, Model Y cargo mats fit all Tesla Model Y.


Q: What is included in the package?

A: The  frunk mat, trunk mat and trunk well mat are sold separately. For option “Front Trunk Mat”, package includes a piece of front trunk mat. For option “Rear Trunk Mat”, package includes a piece of rear trunk mat. For option “Rear Trunk Well Mat”, package includes rear trunk well mat.


Q: Where does  Tesla Model Y cargo liners ship from?

A:  Tesla Model Y cargo liners ship from China.


Q: Is the material good at preventing items sliding?

A: Yes, the surface is especially designed, which is to improve the friction between the mat and stuff placed on it so your stuff can be held securely without sliding.


Q: What is the material of  cargo liners? Is it rubber?

A: The cargo liners are made of TPE, which are premium, durable materials, more premium than rubber. So the mats are waterproof and of all-weather use. The materials are 100% recyclable, environmentally friendly, and safe to you, your family, and pets.


Q: Can I still be able to reach my stuff in the lower trunk/subtrunk with  mat installed?

A: Yes,  trunk mat is specially designed to allow access to the lower trunk well. You can still reach the stuff there with the mat installed.


Q: Would  Model Y trunk mats fit on Tesla Model 3?

Q: No, the trunk mat for Tesla Model 3 is different and you can order it here Trunk Mat for Tesla Model 3.


Q: Will this be folded to ship?

A: Yes, the trunk mats are folded to ship. Although the creases can be easily removed by warming up in the sun for 10-20 minutes.

Q: Does the rear cargo mat cover the small deeper storage space on the left rear of the cargo area?

A: No, the small deeper storage space/pocket will not be covered.