3Pcs/Set Tesla Model Y Floor Mats 2020 2021


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1,Tesla Factory Style & Perfect Custom fit based on  3D precise measurements
2,100% All Weather Full Protection, keep your Tesla Model Y cargos clean & tidy
3,High Performance with Unique Triple-Layer Premium Materials, provide ultimate comfort and long service life
4,Easy to Clean, flush with a hose, wipe off or shake the dust off, cleaning trunk mats becomes such an ease
5,Textured Skid-Resistant Surface – Get your stuff held firmly in the trunk keeps the mat in place
6,Raised Edges to capture sand, mud, snow, dirt, and any spills
7,Safe to you and your family or your dog – No strange odor, 100% recyclable, and free of cadmium, lead, latex, and PVC.

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Tesla Model Y Floor Mats Overview

Tesla Model Y all-weather Cargo Liners are made from TPE for extreme-duty floor protection. 100% recyclable and free of cadmium, lead, latex, and PVC. Cargo Mats protects your Model Y interior and cargo with style, safety, and comfort.

The premium all-weather Cargo Mats have an anti-slip design and they will keep in place and hold your grocery well. Based on three-dimensional designs, Tesla Model Y Cargo Mats are measured to fit the exact interiors and cargo of your Model Y with raised edges that give maximum coverage & protection to the Model Y.

Made of environmentally friendly materials, the all-weather Model Y Cargo Mats have no strange odor. They are super easy to use, remove, and clean.

Model Y Frunk & Trunk Liners Package Content:

1 Piece of Front Trunk Mat

1 Piece of Rear Trunk Mat

1 Piece of Rear Trunk Well Storage Mat

Tesla Model Y Frunk&Trunk Mats FAQ

Q: Does  Model Y Trunk Mats fit a 2020 Model Y?

A: Yes, Model Y cargo mats fit all Tesla Model Y 2020 2021.

Q: What is included in the package?

A: 1 Piece of Front Trunk Mat

1 Piece of Rear Trunk Mat

1 Piece of Rear Trunk Well Storage Mat.

Q: Does this Model Y mat allow access to the 2nd smaller underfloor cargo area right behind the seat?

A: Yes, the smaller cargo area can be reached by folding the large piece of trunk mat.

Q: Where does Tesla Model Y cargo liners ship from?

A: Tesla Model Y cargo liners ship from China.

Q: Is there a substantial lip around the edges for spills?

A: Yes, there is enough substantial lip around the edges to hold any spills.

Q: Is this for the rear trunk or the front Tring (aka Frunk) or both?

A: This is for the frunk, trunk, and the storage well compartment of all Model Y 2020 2021.

Q: Is the material good at preventing items sliding?

A: Yes, the surface is especially designed, which is to improve the friction between the mat and stuff placed on it so your stuff can be held securely without sliding.

Q: What is the material of  cargo liners? Is it rubber?

A: The cargo liners are made of TPE, which are premium, durable materials, more premium than rubber. So the mats are waterproof and of all-weather use. The materials are 100% recyclable, environmentally friendly, and safe to you, your family, and your pets.

Q: Can I still be able to reach my stuff in the lower trunk/sub trunk with  mat installed?

A: Yes,  trunk mat is specially designed to allow access to the lower trunk well. You can still reach the stuff there with the mat installed.

Q: Would Model Y trunk mats fit on Tesla Model 3?

Q: No, the trunk mat for Tesla Model 3 is different and you can order it here Trunk Mat for Tesla Model 3.

Q: Will this be folded to ship?

A: Yes, the trunk mats are folded to ship. Although the creases can be easily removed by warming up in the sun for 10-20 minutes.

Q: Does the rear cargo mat cover the small deeper storage space on the left rear of the cargo area?

A: No, the small deeper storage space/pocket will not be covered.

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