Floor Mats for Tesla Model X 2018-2021


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Tesla Floor Mats for Model X Description

  • The floor mats for Tesla Model X protect against dirt, mud, water, snow and other grimy elements. Our floor liners come in different color and design to match and enhance the interior of your car. Upgrade your interior to elegant, classic or sporty appearance.
    • Edge-to-edge mat design for maximum coverage and protection
    • Available in Four most popular automotive colors (Black, Wine Red, Brown, Yellow)
    • Compatibility: It is a full set that covers both the front and back rows of your vehicle. Custom floor mats specifically fitted for Tesla Model X.
    • Clean and Installation: Easy clean up and wipe down. When the Tesla floor mat surface is dirty, just remove the floor mat or the top layer and clean it.
    • Made of polyurethane / spandex / PU material and rubber and environmentally friendly PVC,which has unbeatable strength. Wear-resisting environmental protection, the foot feels comfortable, and long-lasting repetitive use.

    Tesla Model X Aftermarket Accessories Floor Mats Overview:

    Tesla Floor Mats for Model X Set made up of durable materials and provide all-around protection against dirt and other corrosive elements. Package includes 1 x driver side floor liner mat, 1 x passenger side floor liner mat, 1 x 2nd-row-floor liner mat, or with 1 x 3nd-row-floor liner mat (for 6 / 7 Seater Model X)

    Waterproof, can hold water and other liquid without any leakage.
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    Made of polyurethane / spandex / PU material and rubber and environmentally friendly PVC
    Perfect Fitting, will not obstruct any of the pedals making sure that you have a smooth ride.


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    The multiple usages for double-layer structure:

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    1: Clean up the dust at the bottom of the car.

    2: Get the floor mats ready.

    3: Find the side of the floor mat that matches the car. Just lay it down.

    Note: As the light and screen difference, the item’s color may be slightly different from the pictures.


    Q: Does your Floor Mats going to be the identical shape as my original equipment carpets?
    A: No.  Floor Mats are fabricated using custom patterns for each specific vehicle. They are designed to cover the exposed flat area of the vehicle floor as possible. In general,  Floor Mats can be larger than original equipment mats to protect more floor area.

    Q: Do you have your company logo on the floor mat? I’d like to have my brand name printed, okay?
    A: The products of our company are generally no logo, if you want to increase the logo, you will have to charge extra. Specific charges can be detailed with customer service.

    Q: Can floor mat rain and snow prevent skid?
    A: Yes, they can.

    Q: How long does it take to receive my Floor Mats order?
    A: Generally it takes 10~20 days. Faster delivery is available at an additional cost to upgrade to DHL / EMS / FedEx, etc.

    Q: Will  Floor Mats fit properly in right-hand drive (RHD) versions of the Model X?
    A: No.  Floor Mats have been designed for left-hand drive versions of Model X.

    Q: My  Floor Mats have a smell when delivered, does this last forever?
    A: Cause the Floor Mats are new materials freshly custom-cut for your Tesla at our production facility. Simply let them air out a bit outside your vehicle before you install them, and with time the odor will dissipate. During that time, some vanilla will help to reduce the scent as well.

    Q: Can I wash my floor mats when it’s dirty?
    A: Yes, it can be removed and cleaned by water.


  • Double-layer structure floor mats. Protect you Model X floors with style, safety, and comfort in your daily travel and driving.
  • Will not obstruct any of the pedals, seat tracks, and air conditioning vents, making sure you have a smooth ride.
  • Waterproof, can hold water and other liquid without any leakage. Protect your Tesla from sand, mud, snow and dirt.
  • The installation video of Model X floor mats, the installation may take about 20 – 30 minutes.
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warm-tips Please Note: Model X has different layouts with the built year. Check the table below:

5 Seater

5 Seater

6 Seater

6 Seater with Console

6 Seater, Built 10/17/16 and Older

6 Seater, Built 10/18/16 and Newer

7 Seater

7 Seater, Built 10/17/16 and Older

7 Seater, Built 10/18/16 to 8/22/17

7 Seater, Built 8/23/17 and Newer

The floor mats will be folded for shipment so it takes some time for it to lay flat once removed from the shipping box

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