2X Super Bright Puddle Lights for Tesla Model Y


Tesla Model Y Puddle Lights Feature:

✅ Direct replacement – Easy to fit yourself

Fully compatible – No error or warning on the dashboard to ensure that the new lights are fully compatible with your Tesla.

Super bright – The brightest LED puddle lights available on the market. Best viewed at night time.

Completely plug and play – Just pop the existing puddle lights out and plug these in.

The super-bright Tesla Model Y Puddle Lights LED projector shines light through a lens with your car badge straight onto the ground, illuminating the area around you and your car doors.

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Tesla Model Y Puddle Lights Installation:


1. Use a flat blade screwdriver to pop out the factory LED light (there is a little notch at the side of the light, just dig in there with the screwdriver, twist a little and the light will come out);

2. Push a small black clip down and the light will be removed from the cable;

3. Grab the  LED light and push back to the connector. If there is a click sound, it means the light is connected to the cable successfully;

4. Before pushing the light down, please make sure the light has the orientation of the image that you prefer. At last, snap it into place.


Package: 2X Tesla Model Y Puddle Lights


Note- Model 3 has a total of 4 puddle lights. If you wanted lights in the front and back doors, you would want to order 2 sets.

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